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Why order from a juice stall and then drink unhygienic, warm fruit juice or milkshakes?

Now you can get chilled Fruit County Cold Press Juices and Milkshakes, sold in hygienically packed and sealed bottles sitting at home or in your office within 40 minutes of ordering.

These delicious drinks are of the highest quality as they are prepared using 100% fruit and vegetables without any added ingredients except sugar. As they come to you from the house of Smokin’ Joe’s Pizzas, you are further assured of the quality.

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100% Natural
No Water
No Artificial Flavors
No Preservatives

Juices & Milkshakes


I cannot recommend these juices enough. I have stopped buying fruit juices in cartons, fresh juice from Fruit County is the way to go.

Farhad Director, PVC Housing Ltd.

When I come home from work after a long day and a tiring train journey home, all I can think about is my Fruit County milkshake waiting for me. My favourite is Banana but I love all of them. What variety!

Rakesh D Security Practice Lead, India

Kya Svaad hai! Fruit County juices and milkshakes are my favourite drink on a hot day! Don’t miss out on this hidden gem.

Shreelaxmi Software Engineer
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